Wednesday, November 30, 2011


While we're on the subject of perfect Christmas jewellery, I thought a tribute to Moxham's was in order after seeing the taba cuff modelled on Sandra on 5 Inches and Up and being super jealous immediately! 

Reasons to be sad: 
1. Moxham is a London brand and I am now in Brisbane 
2. Moxham hasn't got its own store to visit yet 
3. Spending on frivolous items is currently banned. 

Reasons to be happy: 
1. Moxham collection will be at Somerset House until the 8th of Jan for you Londoners out there to see 
2. You can buy some of the range on BENGT website now 
3. It's not expensive (the Egypt necklace is only 31 pounds!!) 
4. The Moxham shop is "coming soon"
5. Christmas is "coming soon"
6. There are more reasons to be happy than sad!


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